We will split this piece into two parts.  Let´s first discuss how to make a rather stale business innovate.  But what do we mean by stale business? Well, it is one that has lost passion, popularity, and, therefore, profit.  This is the dangerous part.

So, before you even think of declaring bankruptcy, consider the following ideas on how to innovate in a rather stale business.  One piece of advice before starting:  do not let innovation go stale.

Automate your services

Needless to say, the success of a business lies in their ability to give people what they need and to convince them that they have such need.  Probably this is what your business is about. But has it stopped?

Here’s an approach.  Ask yourself if the service you are providing can be automated.  This is called productizing a service.

What could be done better?

The next question to ask yourself is what can be done better in your company.  How to meet new trends and processes in order for your business not to stay behind.  Making an honest evaluation, companies assign themselves a decent score based on where they are at right now.

Also, you are looking for those weak points in a service or a product in order to make it better.  Very few things are as frustrating.  So, is there a way this could be done better?

Always tap on your demographics before answering those questions.  Make your distributions accordingly.

People are valuable individuals not a number on your chest.

Clients are people

Don’t generalize with people. You cannot put them and their thoughts into one place.  Besides they want to interact with you.  They want to know what’s up with the products and/or services you offer.   Tap into their specific needs and don´t generalize them.

What should Mortage Company do?

Mortgage Companies are not necessarily the type of business people will get excited about.  Who wants to know who’s the next dead?  I mean, technically, people do not want to die.

So, businesses like Morgage Company should aim for entertaining and keep the audience engaged.  Creating content that is relevant and that will help you range, must be adopted as soon as possible.

Find ways to improve products and services.  Come up with new plans and get rid of the old style.  The aim should always be to provide these products and services in a different, more vibrant way.

Make your campaign effective, targeted and convincing people that they need your product or service.

If you need solid advice about how to present yourself to people, get some professional business help to go with it.