Although this might seem like a no-brainer, there seems to be a large number of house-owners that do not realize this.  Now, if you are planning on selling your home, you must get in your prepping gear.  It is not about staging but more about improving your house to make it more sellable.

Besides this, people always get the best impression of a clean home, and especially of one that has been recently renovated.  So you get to take care of all the things in your house that need to be fixed.  The basics that need renovation before selling your home are the usual:  the walls, the floor, the porch, pipelines, carpets, and blinds.  Now, the walls are like the face of your house so they ‘d better be sitting pretty.  The floor is the base, the porch is the first impression, and the pipelines are always a headache if they are not working well.  Oh, and allow me to add another: your outer landscape.

In this article, we will mention why is it necessary to update your blinds and your carpets to sell your house faster than your neighbor.

The blinds

There are several ways in which you can update your blinds.  This does not mean to toss away the ones you already have and get yourself new ones.  If you are renovating your house before selling and changed the color of the rooms, you might find that the blinds no longer match.

If that is the case, you can make your blinds match your new color.  You can try pasting a fabric of your preferred color on them.  You could even come up with patterns to match your walls, such as dots, stripes, or any other custom decor.  Think of a large design across all blinds that will be visible only when they are closed.  If you keep this pattern, it will keep your home looking fresh and with no major expenses.

The carpet

When it comes to the carpet, it is very important that you keep it clean and in shape.  On your end, vacuum it frequently and avoid major spills as much as possible.  Remember that if you attempt to wash your carpets with water, they can grow mold if you fail to dry them completely.  You can also use other alternative methods that will not drench your carpet but wash it as effectively. This guide shows you how to clean your carpet without a vacuum

Get professional service for your carpets

Carpets definitively need a constant update.  This involves cleaning, vacuuming, and periodical washing.  In most cases, you will need professional service to schedule a periodic cleaning.  Get yourself the best area rug cleaning service in town and keep your home always looking at its best.  You will create the best impression on your potential clients.