Granted that you are a dog lover and you couldn´t do without a dog at your house, we would like to discuss with you how a dog turns a house into a home.  Also, we want to point out that your spouse, the kids, the grandma, the aunt or uncle, of course, will generate the awesome environment that will turn an otherwise dull space with windows into a warm love-filled home.

Now, going back to dogs, here are the main reasons why we believe that if you do not have a dog in your house, it might not be completely a home.

Dogs are fun!

Even those breeds that were not tailored to perform doggy antics can plant a grin on your face.  Having a dog around the house is always exciting!  You never know what will they be doing next and the expectation is always worth it.  So, you will never have a dull moment.  Even when they mess up that toilet paper.  Come on!

No need for an alarm clock

Dogs usually sleep around 10 hours a day.  The fact that this sleep is broken makes them the perfect morning alarm.  Just ask yourself this: when was the last time you woke up at 5 am to find your dog snoring on his bed?

You will never want to leave the house

For starters, you will feel heartbroken to leave them behind, especially knowing that you will be out from 9 to 5.  But then you will always have another good reason to look forward to getting back home.

They bring happiness and stress relief

Studies have shown that dog owners tend to rate happiness higher than those that do not have one.  This is because dogs bring this special spark to our lives that makes us forget about our issues.  Studies have also revealed that people who take their dog to work or have contact with one before and after work experience lower levels of stress.

Lifestyle Improvement

Since your dog needs exercise, you will get some as well.  Also, kids who grow up with dogs develop fewer dog allergies than kids who do not.

Loyalty at its best

How many of your friends are you certain would be willing to take a bullet for you?  In the case of your dog, you can be sure of it.  Your mutt will stay loyal to you no matter what.  So, you not only have a friend at home but also a protector.  That little fella will not only attack any intruder who breaks into your house, he will dive into the very crossfire with no regard for his own life if he has to protect you and your family.

Are you planning on bringing in a dog to your house? Get in touch with CasaDoodle to adopt your next best friend, an Australian Labradoodle.  We are sure you will love him and he will certainly love you back.