A dear thank you for those who noticed our new face and congratulated us for it.  Our website is more intuitive and user-friendly.  It has more exciting features and we believe it has a better organization.  But these changes do not happen only because.  There is a good reason behind changes, other than “changes are good”.  Of course, we believe that changes are good, but today we would like to mention why we invested in a new web design.

We say we invested because if what you need is a highly professional work, then professional is what you should look for.  And it is not only about hiring a graphic designer but to be able to provide such designer with a clear idea of what it is that you need and want.  Notice how I made a distinction between “need” and “want”.  I learned along the way that these do not always meet.  So, you have to work on a good balance that will provide you with a stunning website that will make the investment be worth the effort.

Changes are exciting and motivational

We believe that making changes on our website gave us a fresh and new look.  We take advantage of this to lure more people into coming in.  This eventually translates into a better ROI.  We still hold proof that a website saves you time and money.  Because, even though it requires some investment, it is cheaper than hard copies of listings, fliers, and they have the ability to reach a larger audience.

An improved customer service

Customers now have a better customer experience.  It is not a mystery that people feel more comfortable buying from a website that has a strong presence. Changing the face of such website gives the idea of innovation.  This generates a sense of truth in clients.

Our improved and expanded FAQ section has received pretty good reviews as it includes more questions that clients might have.  Our favorite part is the integration of the fill out form where customers can ask direct questions and provide you with more potential clients.

We can target a larger audience

One important step that we believe was pretty important for us is the more professional look.  Instead of using a website template (which, interestingly, many people can tell), we were able to deliver what we wanted and clients needed to see.   A more professional-looking website means that we get a larger audience.

With a new look comes great responsibility (no reference intended, we promise).  Now we have the commitment of keeping ourselves updated.

Information update

We really needed to update our information.  Some things are not handled the way they used to and we had to make some adjustments to our policies.  We then thought this was a great opportunity to change the entire face of our website.

Thanks to Curve Vancouver, we were able to meet standards in web design.  We were able to deliver a fresh, interactive, and more intuitive face to our clients.  Better times are yet to come and we can’t wait!